Jan 21, 2008

The Little Prince

The Little Prince
By Antoine de Saint Exupery

The Little Prince is about 112 pages, half of which are pictures. The book is probably intended for little kids. Why is it up here and being reviewed, you ask?

A) Because it's an adorable book.
B) I had to read it for school.

The Little Prince follows the tale of an adult's plane crash and the meeting of 'The Little Prince'. The prince tells him of his life -- the planet he lives on, the people he has met on his journeys, and even the beautiful flower that he is in love with.

For something intended for younger kids, this really is a sweet little book. It made me grin and, at the ending, I, too, loved the adorable little Prince.

The Little Prince or The Cat in the Hat?: If you're buying a book for a younger sibling, it all depends on the age group. Dr. Seuss is more for younger kids, and The Little Prince is a novel-like read.

Rating: Because it's not intended for teenagers, it rated a mere six on my scale of doom, destruction, and terror... er, I mean of good books. :)

Happy reading!

~Nicole B.


  1. I loved this book! I read it originally in french when I was in first or second grade! I have since read it in english. It was a cute, cute book and is great for little and big kids!!

  2. He! A french book! Great!


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