Apr 20, 2012

Feature Friday: Bookcases (75)

Who said storage had to be boring?

For the obsessive compulsive stacker in you!

As somebody who love stacking books -- I just introduced my boyfriend to the wonders of stacking when organizing books in a limited space -- I do like the idea of this bookcase. I wish it was a little more interesting. Maybe if the back was clear so it looked like they were floating? Hmm.

This one belongs to Crate & Barrel.


  1. I love stacking! If I ever find one of these bookshelves in a story I am so buying it immediately.

  2. I LOVE that bookshelf!! (I wish it wasn't orange, though...)

    On a slightly-related note, I love it when people stack books up the side of their staircases. That just seems like the ultimate in book-clutter :D




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