Apr 6, 2012

Friday Fronts - Ruby Red series

Look at these revamped covers!

I love the original ones; they're very traditionally fairy tale-esque. But these remind me a bit of the Luxe covers with their absolutely gorgeous dresses. And I love the time vortex-esque sky behind them!

I can't think of a single thing wrong with them, besides sticking with a more popular cover choice. (I think the original covers would have stood out more on the shelves.)

I originally caught sight of the new covers over at Compulsive Reader.

What do you think?


  1. I liked the original covers, but I have to admit I like these ones a whole lot better. I actually think they're more eye catching, and I just love the dresses.

  2. The covers of those books are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Those books have been on my tbr pile liek forever, it seems. Happy reading!


  3. These covers are quite pretty - very Lux-esq. My favorite is Sapphire Blue. Do you have a favorite of these two?

    1. I'd wear the red dress, but I like the photo of the blue dress better!

  4. The dresses are stunning!


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