Apr 30, 2012

Seneca Crane's Beard, The Boyfriend, and School

Or, an update on Nicole's life.

So you may have noticed that the post title starts off with Seneca Crane's beard, but I'm going to wait until last to tell you that, because I like playing catch-up posts in chronological order.

So here's an update on what's been going on in my personal life for those of you who take an interest in that sort of thing.

Why yes, I have been at school.
So I'm almost done with my second year of college. I've somehow managed to successfully balance social life, blogging, homework, studying, a job and sleep yet again. Don't ask me how. I'm beginning to think I am magic.

For those who don't know, I'm double majoring in Public Relations and English. This means I get to take a lot of fun English classes -- this semester was Shakespeare II (love reading it, but the professor is derpy and the class itself boring) and Young Adult Literature (which I have been religiously updating you all on this semester) -- while working on real people Public Relations stuff. Also a science course, which is new and not at all fun.

I did get to do something fun for one of my public relations courses! I got to do PR for the lovely Miami Theatre Players, a student-run theatre group on campus. They performed Into the Woods, and I helped out on wardrobe crew during the run of the show. It was MUCH fun.

And, um, Boyfriend and I have been together a year.
but it also feels like we just got together. It's weird.

He's still fabulous and amazing, even if you haven't seen me rant about him on Twitter lately. Let's see. He still surprises me with flowers (and other things, like chocolate and books) and we went on a really nice romantic walk the other day just because we could.

But the MAIN reason I wanted to tell you guys about him -- besides the few of you who are interested in that sort of thing -- is because he's not a big YA reader, but he's picked up some since we started dating. (He loved Beauty Queens by Libba Bray.) And he end up getting into a debate with somebody where he was fervently defending and recommending the young adult genre.

Yeah, I'm a lucky girl.

If you haven't met me, I'll be at BEA!
If you haven't met me yet, I'll be at BookExpo America this year, probably on Tuesday and Wednesday! I don't have my schedule set yet, but if you want to meet up you can shoot me an email at any time during the day and I'll answer. I'll obsessively be on my phone, live-tweeting and taking photos and what have you!

Oh, yes, the Seneca Crane beard.
So my school had a carnival.

Because I presume that's what school's do.

And there was face painting.

And this happened.

So that's been an update in my life! How are YOU? What's been going on?


  1. Love the beard and Into The Woods...and I'll be at BEA, probably on Tues and Wed too.

  2. 1) The Seneca Crane beard! BAHAHAHA

    2) Yeah that boy's a keeper.

    3) Glad to hear everything is all well at school. Those were great days, girl. LIVE 'EM UP.

  3. Beard :) Sounds like things are going fantastically!

  4. Nice beard. Very attractive. Heh.

    Hey, I'll be at BEA, too! We'll have to look for each other. :)

  5. You're boyfriend sounds amazing! Way to get him into the YA genre. :D

    Oh and LOVE SENECA CRANE'S BEARD!!!!! Hahahaha.

  6. Loving the face paint! And I am SO JEALOUS that you get to go to BEA... I wish the one in Canada hadn't closed down :(


  7. Haha, the beard is so cute!

    And awww, congrats on such a wonderful bf and a great year together. :)

    Glad to hear things are going so well for you. May they continue on this or an upward trajectory!

    *knocks on wood to prevent jinxes*

  8. D'aw. Nicoleeeee.
    You and Bryan are still the most precious thing that ever was and ever will be.

    I can't.

    *insert horse .gif*


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