May 10, 2012

The Last Good Book I Read (or, lots of book reviews)

I don't have time to preschedule a review this week because I ran out of reads and I have finals and it's crazy and I'm going nuts and ahhhhhh.

But luckily, I've been reviewing things all semester. Not just here, but for New Paltz's student-run paper, "The Oracle"! "The Oracle" is an award-winning student newspaper (ooooo) and I just like it because I get to have fun and be snarky and review young adult literature.

So if you're looking for a review from me this week, I suggest you follow this link where you can read all of the reviews I've done this semester. Some are of books I've read recently, some are of books I read a while back or reread, and some are books that I've never even reviewed on WORD.

Fancy, huh?

So do check it out, and check out the rest of the site -- this week is our last edition, and it goes up this week, and it IS quite fabulous!

Do any of you do reviews outside of blogging? Do any of you read reviews outside of the Interwebz?

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  1. In grad school I did reviews for The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literature. I still read the book review section of most major magazine I pick up and occasionally trade publications for libraries.


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