Dec 8, 2012

Event Recap: Soho Teen Launch

Last week - November 29, to be specific - I had the chance to swing into NYC and go to the Soho Teen launch at the Sidewalk Cafe! I snagged a bus after my morning class and headed into the city.

I had a day full of awesome fun. After wandering around Broadway for a little while, I met up with Julie at Port Authority and we headed over to one of the many Christmas markets. I snagged a present for a friend and some tea and we headed down to the Sidewalk Cafe to meet Mitali and have a generally good time!

And let me tell you - it was awesome.

Libba Bray and Tiger Beat!
Libba Bray fronted the all YA-author band Tiger Beat, who sang a whole bunch of songs including "I Want Candy" and the YA song. (Holden Caufield is not an asshole!)

I got to meet Janice, one of the amazing YAckers, who gave me a belated birthday present for being awesome and helping arrange the YAckers Secret Santa and WHY IS EVERYBODY I KNOW SO NICE!? (The card is from Mitali!)

I also ran into Rachael and made a fool of myself by fangirling over Barry Goldblatt. (He claims I didn't. I think he lies, because he's a sweetheart and I'm insane.)

Blurry photo of Mitali, myself, Julie and Kieran.
I also got to meet the gorgeous Kieran Scott; she's super-sweet!

Other people I met who you people would like include Melissa Miller, the associate editor at HarperCollins, and Brooks Sherman, a literary agent at FinePrint Literary Management, as well as several people involved with Figment.

I know I met a lot of other cool people, but I can't remember all of them!

Anyway, check out the shiny new Soho Teen; it looks like it's going to be awesome.

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  1. I was really looking forward to attending that :sigh: Sadly when asked to have the night off my boss fell over laughing before patting me on the shoulder and walking away to a meeting (I learned later that she mentioned it to the Big Boss and he asked if I was looking for a Christmas Miracle a bit early)

    I'm looking forward to the Soho Teen launch titles however, Strangelets and The Sweet Dead Life mostly.


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