Feb 15, 2013

Friday Fronts - The Chaos of Stars

On Monday, Epic Reads revealed the cover for Kiersten White's The Chaos of Stars!

I love it. It's gorgeous and simple and typography! I love typography! And the color scheme is stunning; I love the midnight black and blue and the yellow and the hnnnnnnnng.

For some reason, it reminds me a lot of the cover of Jepp, Who Defied the Stars. I like The Chaos of Stars' cover a lot better, and the styles are quite a bit different, as are the color schemes, but... hmm. Still.

What do you guys think of this gorgeous cover?


  1. Love it. I want a poster of it for my wall (no joke).

  2. Its one of the prettiest covers I've seen in a while! I love the colour scheme and font and background and just pretty much everything about it.


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