Feb 3, 2013

Reader's Report - A YA Blogging Newsletter

You may have noticed a bit of a spamming on my Twitter feed over the past few days about a new newsletter.

I'm trying something new! (Because, clearly, I don't have enough projects. Reader's Report is a new newsletter about the young adult blogging community - a place for everybody to share links, giveaways, and upcoming events. It's like the giant round-up posts on various blogs, but biweekly and dropped into your inbox! We'll also be dabbling in a little bit of original content (aka a mini-post on ya blogging!) at the beginning of each newsletter.

It's mainly a place to come together and share our love of ya blogging and the community we're in - because, lately, there's been far too much hate.

Click here to subscribe to the newsletter. The first letter will be sent out within the upcoming week!


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